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A note to you all with love ❤️ & kindness 🤗 ..



You are all welcome in clinic!

There is a lot of confusion, anger & sadness out in the community..

There is no discrimination, pressure from either side, different treatment, judgement or discomfort in my practice! 

Hi! Welcome to Nourished by Nature. 

You are taking a great step to take control of your health....Well done!

Here at Nourished by Nature we are not into specific diets and do not promote them but rather set up a personalized way of eating according to the individual needs of the client for the right amount of time. 

We are a holistic (treating a person as a whole - physical-emotional-spiritual) clinic focusing on what nature provides and use a combination of science (clinical testing, see below) & foods/lifestyle to look at what each individual person needs to thrive and feel their best. 

This involves anyone from having been diagnosed with a health condition or struggling with energy levels, suffering with chronic pain, allergies or intolerance e.g.

To 'fix' the problem/issues or symptoms it is often helpful to get to the bottom of why they are there in the first place. This is where an in dept consultation & different testing options come in...such as Nutrient deficiency testingIntolerance testing, Heavy Metal & Toxin tests, Nutrient Deficiency tests, Hormone testing, Candida or micro-biome test for example. This is often a good place to start.

See some of the conditions below that we often deal with, among many others..

  • Hormonal imbalance - Insulin resistance, Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, Menopause, Acne, PCOS, e.g.
  • Auto-immune disorders - Crohn's disease, Ulcerative colitis, ME/CFS, Multiple sclerosis, Rheumatoid arthritis e.g. 
  • Digestive disorders - Leaky gut, IBS, Inflammatory bowel disease, Diverticulitis e.g.
  • Candida overgrowth, leaky gut, food intolerances, allergies, heavy metal toxicity, liver disease, cardiovascular disease e.g.

Our Services


Take control of your health, vitality and well being!

Comprehensive Testing

From Food Intolerances to Heavy Metal & Environmental Toxins.

From Comprehensive Women's & Men's Tests to

Optimizing your Nutrient Profile!

All Natural Detox Program

12 day - 12 week you choose

Check out this All Natural Cleanse. No pills or potions. Just beautiful healthy foods to nourish & cleanse the body!

Recipe Packs

Get a goal-focused pack that's right for you or receive a fresh new recipe pack each month to keep your diet varied & delicious!

Massage oils & creams

Balance me Massage oil

Motivate Me Massage oil

Peace & Serenity Massage oil

Bath salts


All products available now!
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Client Comments

Food Intolerance Test

After an Initial consultation, Daisy recommended a Food Intolerance Test to find out where my symptoms were coming​ from. The test came up with several intolerances. 

She put me on an easy to follow program to eliminate all the reactant foods and heal my gut.

I am feeling amazing, can eat all foods again and would recommend her to anyone with tummy upsets. 

Christine D, Blenheim

Nutritional Consultation

After having been diagnosed with diabetes, I felt lost and did’t get the needed support.

I came to see Daisy by coincidence. 

I was impressed by her knowledge and was friendly and patient with me. 

She guided me onto the right path and still now when I have a question or feel lost I know she’ll give me the help I need.

Phil P, Murchison


Hair Analysis

I have been consulted by Daisy a few times and have found her extremely friendly and easy to talk to..

Daisy explained the hair analysis results well and gave me a way forward on how to improve my health with food and natural health products.

I take several supplements and medications. 

Daisy has a great knowledge on which supplements I can and cannot safely take with my medications.

My whole experience with each visit has been very positive, I shall continue to get her advice whenever I’m feeling under par..

Rachael W, Richmond

Take control of your health!

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