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A Little Bit About Me

Hi there!

My name is Daisy. I am a qualified nutritionist and have a passion for natural health & living.

So, how did I get started?

After college I was drawn to Psychology & Sociology..

After a year I’d seen enough and wanted something more hands on & in the medical the logical step was to get into nursing.

For 13 years I worked in several different health settings…mental health, geriatrics, medical & specialist child care.

My oldest daughter had "tummy trouble" from a very young age. We were in and out of hospital for years, not knowing what was wrong. She had an array of tummy & inflammatory issues, had no energy and could not put on weight. 

At the age of 8 she got to the point where the inflammation was out of control and she needed several surgeries to resection her intestines and finally we got a diagnosis.

This motivated me to dive into the world of nutrition.

While I studied to become a qualified clinical nutritionist, I volunteered as an ambulance officer for St John.

After volunteering for St John I worked in a natural health shop for 4 years where I learned a lot about natural supplements and the do’s & don’t of supplementation.

At the present moment I am working at Tasman Health & Herbs in Richmond 2 days a week alongside working with clients in my clinic in Nelson 3 days a week.

  I am diving deeper into studies regarding functional testing & specialist nutrition at the moment.

I may be a little addicted to study. I don’t think my curiosity will ever be satisfied so….we’ll keep studying until the brain is full 😊

Daisy Doppenberg

Functional Nutritionist

Owner of Nourished by Nature