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Recipe Packs

Goal focused packs or convenient new monthly recipe packs

Goal Focused Recipe Packs

High Protein Recipe Pack

52 recipes

This recipe pack is great for 

  • Body builders & anyone wanting to tone their body (build lean muscle without the excess weight)
  • Losing excess weight
  • Anyone suffering from, mental health problems, oedema, organ failure, wasting and shrinkage of muscle tissues, and an under functioning immune system e.g.

Plant-Based Recipe Pack

58 recipes

This recipe pack is great for

  • Anyone wanting to start their plant-based lifestyle but doesn't know where to start or..
  • Anyone needing some more delicious plant-based recipe ideas!

These recipes are easy to follow and full of flavour!

Low-Carb Recipe pack

40 recipes

This recipe pack is great for

  • All those wanting to reduce their carbohydrate intake
  • Losing excess weight
  • Insulin resistance & diabetes
  • Anyone suffering from inflammatory disease & symptoms and auto immune dysfunction

Vegan Recipe Pack

40 recipes

Completely free of any animal product, yet filling, full of flavour and easy to prepare. 

This is one of our most popular recipe packs with many happy clients!

Monthly Recipe Packs

Are you running out of ideas on what to cook most night?

Always eating the same old meals?

With these monthly recipe packs you will always have a fresh, delicious, easy to make meal without having to stand in the kitchen for hours. 

You can purchase 1 recipe pack or sign up to receive them on a monthly basis without even thinking about it.

As with the Goal-Focused Packs, the Monthly Recipe Packs come in PDF form and come with a weekly meal planner, a weekly shopping list and detailed recipes with image.

All packs include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & condiments (hummus/dips e.g.) recipes.

Every My Monthly Recipe Pack comes with 15 new recipes each month!

There will be new monthly recipe packs added regularly so keep your eye out or contact us to sign up for a regular new pack each month! 

My Monthly Recipe Pack 


15 recipes

Some recipes this month

  • Chicken & mango salsa lettuce wraps

  • Goats cheese scrambled eggs with spinach pesto salad

  • Summer couscous salad

  • Protein carrot cake

My Monthly Recipe Pack


15 recipes

Some recipes this month

  • Coconut porridge with raspberries & peanut butter sauce
  • Garlic, mushroom & chicken stir-fry
  • Tomato risotto
  • Banana coffee smoothie

My Monthly Recipe Pack


15 recipes

Some recipes this month

  • Acai breakfast bowl
  • Sweet potato BBQ chicken pizza
  • Mango & almond butter protein smoothie
  • Chocolate zucchini muffins

Goal focused Recipe Packs

NOURISH YOUR SOUL                                              PDF      $16.90

Plant based recipe pack                                          Hardcopy     $24.90

HEAL YOUR BODY                                        

High protein recipe pack

PDF     $16.90

Hardcopy     $24.90


Vegan recipe pack

 PDF     $16.90

Hardcopy     $24.90

FEEL YOUR CONFIDENCE                                          PDF    $16.90

Low carbohydrate recipe pack                                Hardcopy    $24.90

Monthly Recipe Packs

My monthly recipe pack 1

PDF    $12.90

My monthly recipe pack 2

PDF    $12.90

My monthly recipe pack 3

PDF    $12.90

Buy 2 - 4 Recipe Packs and receive a 10% discount*

Buy 4 or more Recipe Packs and receive a 25% discount*

* Applies to any 1 transaction.

This offer applies to all Recipe Packs, so you can mix and match any 'Goal Focused' and 'My Monthly' packs!

Client Comments

As a single dad of 3 kids I have little time to cook 

a big fancy meal. 

The monthly recipe packs give me lots of ideas

 on what to cook. 

The recipes are easy to follow, don't contain crazy, 

hard to find ingredients and the kids love them, 

which is a bonus :) 

Charles S, New Plymouth

For ages I was living on protein shakes and lots of meat 

while body building. It seemed the only way to get 

enough protein into my diet but my gut was suffering  

badly from the overload of protein powders and meat. 

I have used recipes from the High Protein Recipe Pack 

for the last 3 months. 

I am getting the right amount of protein 

and am building muscle without the the bloating and 

stomach pains. And I find that I have way more energy 

on the actual food i was eating through these recipes. 

Would recommend it to anyone training.

Dallas W, Auckland